Accidents will happen (kill_for_kicks) wrote,
Accidents will happen

Oh yeah... So Monday my sister, mi madre, and I went to see Elvis Costello in Toronto. The show was awesome, despite all the "grown-ups" that were there. I'm sayin, they give me these looks with their suits and sweaters like "what the fuck is SHE doing here" noses in the air. And I all think to myself "what the fuck are YOU doing here, motherfucker" Anyway. I met Elvis Costello after the show. Yeah, let me say that again.
Got my picture taken with him (yeah, I'm a nerd) well my EYES ARE CLOSED, but its still in a framed 8 x 10, along with the ticket stub autographed by Steve Nieve and the man himself.

Try to tell me I'm not cooler than you now, just TRY IT... :)
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