Accidents will happen (kill_for_kicks) wrote,
Accidents will happen

isn't it great to have an obsession?
I have decided I need to own, like, every Joyce Carol Oates book out there. Okay, minus all her weird-and-sick-as-fuck gothic ones, like the one with the priest's boy who turns into a serpent by the pond and sexually molests the girl by brainwashing her. Yeah I don't think those are worth it. But umm I just ordered "The Falls," "Because it is Bitter, and Because it is my Heart" (obviously because the title of THAT one is ME), and "On Boxing" (which is actually about boxing.

I also decided I was born in the wrong era, I was SUPPOSED to be in the 1950s. I could wear a party dress every day of my life. Swing dancing drive-ins HOLY SHIT amazing! Instead I feel kinda dumb if I wear a dress two days in a row.

I warned you all of my entries were going to be impersonal and pointless from now on.
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