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So it's definitely 5 AM. That is the last time i ever take a nap- who would have thought an innocent 3 hour nap would turn into a night of restless tossing and turning? After an hour and a half of wasting time thinking about all the shit I could be doing, I gave in. I just wrote a half-assed essay that I will be taking to the Writing Center this week, in hopes of transforming it into a work of excellence. Freaking entrance essays! As if 18 credit hours weren't enough, I have to somehow find time to write about "what I can give to this university" (one of three options)?! I think not (that's where the Writing Center comes in- gotta use up those activities fees we pay).
Right now I really miss a few years ago and staying up super late like this and going out for breakfast with friends... Nestors! I could so go for some watery scrambled eggs, wheat toast, and coffee that takes far too long for a refill.
Other than that, what? I'm diggin' life- school, work, volunteering. I really don't have time for anything else if I want to succeed, so that's what I gotta do until... who knows. I'm going to Daytona (waaaaay overdue vaca) in June, my sister gets married in July, I'm relocating in August. Crisis Services is fantastic and I couldn't ask for a better volunteer opportunity! I learn so much there, the people are great, and its FUN!! Plus, you could never- ever- get bored there with the diversity of calls we get in. I volunteer there tomorrow evening, 6-10. I have a meeting with their Advocate Program director so I can start the intensive training for the Advocate Program. The training is 40+ hours, after which I will be doing 2 12-hour on call shifts a month. What does this mean? This means if someone gets raped and has to go to the hospital, I get my ass out of bed and drive myself to said hospital with a rape comfort kit. Sounds comforting, right? Actually, I am really looking forward to it.. and to think, this is VOLUNTARY.

What pisses me off #219892: The TRUTH that the more your job deals with the direct care and safety of others, the less you get paid.
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