Accidents will happen (kill_for_kicks) wrote,
Accidents will happen

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ick, bad day. One of those days that despite how much people compliment you, nothing seems to work and you're just stuck down in the dumps.
- Even though you found out your officially graduated (but its only NCCC anyway, so who cares?)
- Even though people tell you you have dreamy eyes and are prettier than pretty girls
- Even though I graduated with a 3.8, despite taking 18 credit hours, working full time, getting an apartment in a new city, and volunteering x2

I'm not sure how much I like these pictures, I think I kinda ruin em (like i said, bad bad day). Eventually more and more will be posted, since they were just taken last night and that's all he has had the time to post so far..
please look at these and tell me what you think, kay?
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