Accidents will happen (kill_for_kicks) wrote,
Accidents will happen


My mind has been running about 92382 miles/minute, that it's very difficult just to write for once and attempt to clear it. I have scholarship essays to write, I can't focus I don't know where to start and that fucking clock keeps ticking until the deadline comes and hopefully I'll get off my ass and force myself to FOCUS.

I hate that I'm so busy it affects my work environment. I know people are talking about me, how much my work has changed, i am constantly switching around my work schedule, etc., etc., and I wish I was the person that says "who fucking cares, I'm leaving in a month anyway," but unfortunately I'm a hard worker, a good person, who doesn't like when it is clear my work has declined, esp. due to stress, business, etc.

For some reason, I am kind-of depressed and I can't really figure out why. Maybe it IS because things are going so well that I don't know what to do with myself.

But anyway, back to business: I got my OFFICIAL acceptance letter to Suffolk University, and it's July 1st now and I still have to register and go to orientation and make a schedule and ack- what the hell classes are left two months before school starts??? I haven't heard anything about financial aid yet, and that's driving me insane; not just because I would like to know how much they're giving me (if any), but also cause I'm waiting for the response so THEN I can turn in my scholarships!

- Scholarship stuff
- $$$ stuff
- Financial aid stuff
- I'm moving (I have 3290 things to do with that alone)
- I am scared (its only natural when you move by yourself to this big city where you'll be relying on subway systems day in and day out and you don't REALLY know anyone, *REALLY*)

No, I cannot relax, I'm Erin Hogan, duh.
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